MAUREEN E. SMITH, Performance & Vocal Coach, Master Intuitive Coach, Life & Business Coach, Q. Mediator, B. Ed, B. Music. A.R.C.T. Piano Diploma, Developer


Maureen Smith, B. Ed, B. Music. A.R.C.T. Piano, is a Performance and Vocal Coach, as well as Certified Master Intuitive Coach®, Certified Life & Business Coach, Qualified Mediator, Producer, Land Developer, Consultant, Teacher, Founder and President of Women’s Millionaire, White Eagle Properties Inc. and White Eagle Records Limited.  As an Entrepreneur, she created and founded over 10 businesses, over a 35 yr . Career and has succeeded equally and internationally in Marketing, Promotion, Performing, Consulting, Artist Development and Retail.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Maureen's talent was discovered at the age of 4 years old, when she first began playing piano by ear and taking private piano lessons, thanks to her mother. By 14 years of age, she had developed a love for classical music along with Billy Joel and the blues, and had then decided on a career in music. She began teaching piano for a conservatory by the age of 16.

Maureen is now an accomplished entertainer, solo pianist, vocalist, keyboard player, one woman band, piano and voice teacher, music educator, coach, songwriter, composer, publisher, studio musician, engineer, recording artist and entrepreneur.

Maureen as a pianist/musician of over 45 yrs, has several years experience in music performance as a professional Pianist/Vocalist, International Piano Bar Entertainer, Recording Artist, Songwriter, Speaker and Writer. As a result, she has much experience on the stage in a variety of performances, teaching and public speaking settings worldwide. She has several years performing experience in live settings dining rooms, restaurants and clubs to cruise ships, hotels, private parties and many corporate functions and conventions.

Maureen has also performed with other musicians, in duo’s, trio’s and big bands. A warm and soulful vocal approach that moves artistically through a huge mixed repertoire of over 2000 cover tunes from country ballads and jazz standards to up-tempo swing and modern top 40 hits, rock’ n roll, classical standards and international favorites confirms her incredible versatility, adds to her amazing piano playing.

Maureen is also an effective engineer, being the owner of a recording studio, has produced and recorded much of her own music. Diverse in many areas of the music industry, she is additionally immersed in publishing, sales, and marketing.

With a career span of over 35 yrs. and many accomplishments, Maureen E. Smith brings much experience to her students as a Performance Coach for Professional Speakers, Vocalists & Musicians. She is also a Vocal Coach, Producer, Piano Teacher and Private Music Educator with over 35 private teaching exp., coaching and 20 years teaching experience as Band Conductor and Vocal Music teacher within the Separate School Board.

Proficient on guitar, Maureen can often be found leading campfire sing alongs. With a music education degree from the University of Western Ontario, Maureen also plays the flute, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, and other band and stringed instruments. She has taught and directed instrumental and vocal music programs in the school system for 20 yrs., directed and conducted several youth ensembles and bands, designed and taught Singing Workshops for adults for The Learning Annex, in addition to teaching privately in her home studio for over 35 years.

With over 45 years of piano playing, 35 years of private teaching and 20 years of classroom experience, she has become an affective leader and role model for many. Her enthusiasm, love of music, public speaking and interpersonal skills, naturally motivates her students and audiences alike. Maureen now enjoys helping other adults develop their creative potential and talents by providing motivational and business coaching services, consulting and teaching in the areas of performance, music, public speaking, business growth and marketing. Music talent, vocal technique, creativity, psychology and teaching are equally matched with her professional skills in performance and business adventures which she offers to her clients and students.

With a love of the music business and travel, as the Founder & CEO of White Eagle Music Promotions, White Eagle Radio, Best Choice Entertainment and White Eagle Records Limited, Maureen did it all! While expanding White Eagle Records Limited through all areas of the music business, she additionally became an international record promoter, publisher, distribution consultant, distributor, producer, music industry management consultant, manager, radio interviewer, booking agent, publisher, coach and home studio recording engineer.

As an international Music Industry Management/ Marketing Consultant, Coach and Producer, Maureen has worked with several recording artists, celebrities, speakers and students in several countries including Canada, the USA, Africa, Poland and France in Artist Development.

She additionally interviewed several artists and celebrities including Celine Dion, Vocalist / Record Artist, Patricia Evans, Author, Gene Simmons and was nominated in Billboard Music Magazine as a Top Women in the Business in 2010 in New York, New York.

Maureen E. Smith also works as Land Developer / Mediator and Building / Renovations Consultant in Construction, as a result of much experience renovating her home and additionally having grown up with many summers at a cottage in the northern county of Muskoka, Ontario.

She is the recording artist, pianist/vocalist, songwriter, music composer, producer and publisher of the healing / easy listening CD: Spirit, Songs of Inspiration, Maureen Smith. Her CD, Spirit was awarded Top 3 on Women’s Radio in the genres of Easy Listening and Country Music and has sold many copies in Retail Stores and on the Internet. It also features 5 other well known Studio Musicians including Ron Allen on Native Flute and Keyboards, Lenny Soloman, Violin, Banjo, Tom Wasinger on Guitar and Percussion, Peter Bleakney, Bass Guitar, Mark Kelso, Drums and Jamie Fike, Engineer & Percussion and was mastered by 2 Grammy Award winning engineers Doug Sax in Hollywood, California and David Glasser, Boulder, Colorado.

With an added devotion to Alternative Health & Healing, Native Medicine, Maureen also invented a line of Aromatherapy Dream Pillows, filled with herbs and aromatherapy oils under the business called “Scents From Nature” The pillows have sold in several retail stores in Canada and the USA and are soon to be carried as an exclusive spa product in various hotels. They are Small Aromatherapy Pillows made for Relaxation, Insomnia, Stress Reduction, Invoking & Remembering Dreams, when put in your pillowcase. They really do work!

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